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大都会娱乐真人在线:>> Beijing Specialties


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Xiao Wang Fu

A group of restaurants all offering a range from homely dishes at 20 RMB to the Peking duck at up to 200 RMB. Popular with locals and expats alike, with an interesting line in décor. Food and service are reliable throughout the group.

Bai Zhou Xiang

Congee (rice porridge), or more properly zhou, is a Chinese staple. Originating in the days where you eked out your rice with whatever was available, zhou has evolved into a tasty and above-all healthy food.

>> Regional Cuisine

Kong Yiji

The Kong Yiji's specialities are zuixia (drunken shrimp), served alive in a bowl of wine, and dongporou, a fatty port dish as tasty as it is unhealthy.

Qu Na'r

Designed by contrary art superstar Ai Weiwei who worked on the Bird's Nest stadium but later refused to be photographed next to it Qu Na'r (Where are you going?) serves up home-style cooking in a minimalist space.

>> World Cuisine

Paulaner Brauhaus

If you want to enjoy a Bavarian feast, big or small, be sure to make your way to the Paulaner Brauhaus.


Vietnamese food on the banks of Houhai. The ground floor creates a rather industrial impression, but don't be put off.

>> Muslims & Vegetarians

Vanilla Garden

Vanilla Garden has good tea and coffee as well as high quality vegetarian food. Good service and that wonder of wonders, an English menu. Sit here, sip your coffee slowly and take advantage of the free wireless Internet. There’s a second branch called Lily Vegetarian.

Still Thoughts Vegetarian Restaurant

Why do vegetarians eat mock meat? You’ll be too busy wondering how they make it so convincing to worry about that.

>> Hot Food Spots

Donghuamen Night Market

Located at the northern entrance of Wangfujing Street, Donghuamen Night Market is the most famous snack streets in Beijing, popular with both locals, and tourists as well.


The Niujie district is home to the largest concentration of Muslim people in Beijing. Here the rich Muslim culture has cultivated a distinguished cuisine.

>> Picture Menus

Pork, Beef and Lamb Dishes

The following are commonly ordered dishes in a restaurant with pictures as well as Chinese and English names, explainations and general prices. 

Beijing Snacks

Beijing has a time-honored history of producing various kinds of snacks which attract almost all visitors.

>> Table Manners

Good manners, bad luck

Friendly, warm and pretty informal, Chinese people are usually easy to deal with. Sometimes though, cultural differences can give rise to difficulties. Keep in mind these taboos of which foreigners may be unaware.

Table Manners

Of course, the main difference on the Chinese dinner table is chopsticks instead of knife and fork, but that’s only superficial.
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